Business Case & Benefits

Workplace Injury: A Significant Corporate Pain

In its report entitled Low Back Pain (Full Guideline May 2009), the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) estimates that

“low back pain (alone) probably affects around one-third of the UK adult population each year”.

The most recent study on the cost of illness (Maniadakis N, Gray A. The economic burden of back pain in the UK. Pain. 2000) uses 1998 data to estimate that the healthcare costs due to back pain alone exceeded £1.6 billion, and project the indirect cost involving lost production somewhere between £3.4 and £9 billion. Factoring in inflation and a deteriorated economic climate, the current costs are probably considerably higher.

Spiralling corporate costs include:

  • Cost of absenteeism, “presenteeism” (however hard to establish) and loss of productivity
  • Private health insurance as part of benefits package
  • Raised base insurance premiums due to specific cases of high injury-related claims
  • Temporary headcount replacement
  • Return to work schemes
  • Ergonomic assessments and office equipment upgrades
  • Potential disruption, costs and stress of litigation

An effective policy of workplace stress management and injury prevention is not a luxury: by helping maintain a stable, healthy team at work, it is a key component of business success.

Service Benefits to the Employer

Our in-company training programmes, ergonomic assessments and pain diagnostic clinics aim to help companies.

  • Identify and treat instances of work-related pain before they result in injuries and related absenteeism and costs
  • Reduce health insurance claims and premiums
  • Reduce costs of recruitment or temporary cover
  • Potentially increase productivity and performance through a healthier and more stable workforce
  • Develop a reputation in the labour market as an enlightened, “best practice” employer that attracts the best candidates

Service Benefits to the Employee

Our education programs and osteopathic healthcare services help employees.

  • Effectively manage their levels of work stress via a multi-disciplinary strategy involving osteopathy, massage, nutrition, lifestyle habits, exercise, ergonomics
  • Understand how postural and repetitive strain injuries occur, and implement routine practical measures to pre-empt them
  • Relieve existing back, neck and shoulder discomfort or pain before they escalate into injuries
  • Stimulate their immune and circulatory system, reducing the overall incidence of sickness
  • Maintain higher levels of focus and energy at work
  • Avoid days off sick and potential loss of earnings
  • Access discounted private treatment where private health insurance will not cover/is not used

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